What is Facilities Management?

Right People: Right Place: Right Time: Right Thing: Right Cost:

Facilities Management is the management and maintenance of property, services and equipment in order to provide and maintain an appropriate, efficient and effective working environment which nurtures and supports the culture and aspirations of an organisation.


Everything that no-one else wants, or has time, to do.

Either way, the provision of good and effective Facilities Management controls and services within any organisation is critical to the success and well-being and successful development of the organisation and every staff member.

In most medium/large size companies the Facilities budget is second only to payroll and it is critical that best value is realised by this expenditure. Unfortunately, in all too many cases, organisations do not always recognise the impact caused by lack of focus and commitment to Facilities Management as, again all too often, the services provided and managed are perceived as secondary or worse - until things stop working that is. In some cases, more "enlightened" organisations do perceive the importance of good Facilities Management provision but lack of resource and/or pressures of work might still result in less than efficient and effective performance.

can help by carrying out a full premises and facilities audit, reviewing current cost of providing and operating premises and facilities, together with performance levels and management structures and working with you to develop an achievable, realistic and maintainable solution for supporting your business.



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