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Current financial restrictions and market forces continue to force companies to re-consider how they do business and the costs involved.

When outsourcing first entered the management arena in the 1980s it was, in the main, all about saving money on essentially what were considered low level manual tasks with premises cleaning being a typical and early example. The focus then shifted to accessing additional skills and knowledge and outsourcing expanded to include areas closer and closer to the centre of "business". Organisations then moved to buying in external expertise and knowledge allowing them to concentrate on core activities.

Whilst the initial reaction of many in the current climate, understandably, is to "cut" costs it is more important to "manage" those costs. It is all too easy to see many of the functions that fall under facilities management as superfluous and an unnecessary cost,however Intelligent outsourcing can help deliver cost savings whilst ensuring that all legal and safety obligations are maintained.

can tailor and deliver services which balance both your business needs and budget through these challenging times.  Whilst most companies are, understandably, focusing on survival, forward thinking companies are also working to ensure that they are best positioned for growth when the opportunity arises. We believe that we can help YOU be one of those companies.

Outsourcing shouldn't be about giving away control but rather about ensuring that non-core activities/costs are better and more efficiently managed.



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